Apparently there are thousands of dead ducks and geese on Lake Michigan because they keep trying to dive into the water and crash into the ice.

So of course a bunch of Milwaukee-ans are flocking to the lakefront to stare at the masses of waterfowl corpses.

How must that look to people who are visiting the city for the first time, I wonder?

"Do you think we’ve sacrificed enough local fowl yet?"

"I don’t know, better throw in a few more geese if we want spring to come."

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Tumblr deleted my blog, but it was only temporary I guess?

I assumed it was forever and, since it happened right before I left for a class, I just made a back up account (misandry—mermaid) and then left home.

But apparently it’s back.

So my main thing now is, I think I should take down the Brandon Bayard posts, just to avoid losing my account.  I have several side-blogs I’d hate to lose, along with this one obviously.  I love all my followers and would HATE to see you guys go. 

But I’m going to encourage my followers to do what you want with Brandon Bayard’s information.  Leave the posts about him up if you feel safe.  I received a warning and they took individual posts down before they “deleted” my blog, so you at least wouldn’t have to worry about one day your account just being gone without warning.  He deserves to have this follow him, and since his parents are clearly demented enough to instill in him that sending people rape threats over the internet is okay, his only form of repercussion will obviously be from an outside source. 

Let me know if you have an idea for what I should do if you have other suggestions.  You can go back through my last two days worth of posts and reblog the posts about him before I delete them.  I’ll probably take the bulk of them down (except for the original rape threat.  That stays up) within the next few hours.

I looked at your blog when it was first said to be deleted, and it was there. I checked back several times, and again, it was never gone. This seems really fishy to me that you say you just got it back when I never saw it removed.

Like ever.

Yeah super fishy.

From my end it looked like: I opened a tab to look at one of my posts, it said the post could not be found.  I thought maybe Tumblr had just deleted that post, so I tried to go back to my dashboard and it showed me being logged out and then I was on the main login screen.  When I tried to login, it said “This account has been terminated”.  I immediately signed up for a new account (registered misandry—mermaid and a few other variations) and then sent Tumblr support an email asking if I take the Brandon posts down, can my blog be reinstated or restored.  I never heard back, got an email about my account (my emails acting wonky today anyway, I might have received one into the wrong mailbox) etc etc.

I’m back for now.  I’m going to go through and delete most of the Brandon posts as a safeguard, so I’m encouraging people to reblog them while they can.

No, it was definitely at least temporarily unavailable. After you posted the ask to a blog I follow, I was worried that it might be a case of somebody wanting to masquerade as you to become a decoy blog or something. So I went to the blogs I follow and tried to click to yours and tumblr said it was unavailable. Definitely happened, I guess the second poster just missed the window when it was unavailable.

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"how is that racist?"- white proverb

How is this post not considered racist? As you have grouped together a whole race by saying “white proverb”.

Well, imfallingoutofthe-sky, there are multiple problems with your statement. First off, white people do not experience racism. We might experience prejudice, but not racism. Because racism is not “my feelings were hurt,” it is violence and death. It is not “you said this one thing,” it is that one thing being used across the country as proof that this race is inferior. Racism is an intricate oppressive structure. This comment on the internet appears like racism because we are taught a simplified and minimized idea of what racism is.

Second off, I’m going to guess that you haven’t bat an eyelid when you see an “african proverb” or an an “asian proverb.” These are two cases of, in your words, “group[ing] together a whole race by saying ____ proverb.” But the difference here is that the african proverb and the asian proverb are used to exotify these races. Look at how ~interesting~ and ~majestic~ these people are! Whereas the white proverb is used to humorously address this incredibly troublesome way that we cherry pick words from a culture, strip them of all context, and then use them as feel good fuel for white people.

Let me be quite clear: your anger at this one statement on the internet is not a case of racism. It is a case of you seeing a post that acknowledges your privilege as a personal attack. And there are deep seated reasons for that, none of which have to do with the statement actually being racist.

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What does being asexual mean to you?

Well, it means a lot to me. Being ace means I have a great community that has a lot of fun jokes. It means that I understand the way I feel attraction in an intensely detailed way that most people don’t even think about (I am strongly aesthetically and sensually attracted to this person, but not romantically, etc.). It means that I get myself.

And sometimes it’s very frustrating. Because I know that having a really fucked up romantic orientation and being asexual means I will probably never meet somebody who I can get close to in the way I want to. But then, it’s so liberating because I know so much more about the way I feel about people than I would if I was still mixing up aesthetic and sexual attraction. It just… It means a lot to know yourself. So yeah, being asexual means everything to me.





Apparently you all really do think it is a thing. We all need to have a real sexuality that’s what makes us human. You probably just haven’t found the right person.

Is sexuality seriously your threshold for humanity? That’s… uh… So children aren’t human? Bonobo monkeys and…

If your an adult its supposed to come naturally if it doesnt maybe uou should get some sort of help.

It’s not “supposed” to do anything. For most people, it does come naturally. That is fine. But I don’t need help, because lacking sexual attraction is not a problem. And you tag me “don’t be rude” while you post in OUR tag about how we’re not real. Seriously. Just ignore us if you’re so sure we’re not real. We won’t miss you.

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I think I might be asexual. Do any of my lovely tumblr friends who identify as asexual have a second to help me sort this out?

Definitely! I’m ace and I am here to answer questions or just talk to/rant to. Whatever you need.

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OKAY SO HERE’S THE DEAL.  Is it so much to ask for a person who will go with me all over the world or talk to me or sing with me and occasionally take me dancing?  We’ll go to theme parks and the zoo and museums and cultural festivals and maybe when we’re older we’ll go all over the world and see New Zealand and Tokyo and backpack through Europe.  And we’ll like…cuddle together and watch disney movies and they’ll let me kiss them but not want to have sex immidiately but just kiss me and I’ll kiss them and you know maybe one day we could have a family

Is it too much to ask for a romantic friend?

Not even romantic like…just let me kiss on you and be my buddy and go on adventures with me.

This… is exactly what I want. You might be my quasi-romantic but mostly platonic soulmate. Want to chat?

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A friendly reminder that true Asexuals will:
Be romantically attracted to others, or not.
Be aesthetically attracted to others, or not.
Be aroused, or not.
Be able to like porn, or not.
Masturbate, or not.
Be sex positive, or not.
Have sex, or not.
Enjoy sex, or not.
Be sex repulsed, or not.
*Be just as valid as any other Ace, regardless of their experience of sex and romance!*



Apparently you all really do think it is a thing. We all need to have a real sexuality that’s what makes us human. You probably just haven’t found the right person.

Is sexuality seriously your threshold for humanity? That’s… uh… So children aren’t human? Bonobo monkeys and chimps and dolphins (all of which have sex for pleasure like humans) are human, then? And if you’re pulling the “you just haven’t found the one” crap, then I guess penguins that mate for life are far more human than anybody I know. There are so many things that “make” us human. If you really think sex is the defining line, then… you have a really sad idea of what being human is. I feel a bit sorry for you.

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Lets not forget the allies

Great allies

But have you thought to thank your allies lately?

The allies

Questing for allies

Is what you’re doing in the best interest of the allies?

Actually, the A is for ally, and saying it is for asexual makes them feel unsafe :(

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I wanna know how many of us are on here, I really am unsure since we aren’t all that vocal


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Each house helping their disabled/mentally ill/neurodiverse housemates in their own special ways~!

  • Gryffindors forming a group of volunteer students to walk students with PTSD to classes or through the castle at night, so they can always be in the presence of people they trust.
  • Gryffindors hexing bullies who mock D/deaf students’ signed spells.
  • Gryffindors petitioning to change old fashioned rules about taking OWLs and NEWTs that put ADHD students at an unfair disadvantage.
  • Gryffindors who know that bravery comes in many forms, who are openly and unabashedly impressed when their depressed housemates summon the strength to get out of bed on bad days, and will punch anyone who thinks having a panic attack is indicative of cowardice.
  • Gryffindors insisting that The Fat Lady give out signed passwords that D/deaf, mute, and nonverbal students can use, in addition to spoken passwords.
  • Ravenclaws staying on top of all the newest advances in sensory spells and calming potions so if one of their autistic housemates has a meltdown they can be sure to help them in the best way possible.
  • Ravenclaws helping learning disabled students come up with mnemonics to better remember information.
  • Ravenclaws having a bookcase full of writing about famous disabled, mentally ill, and neurodiverse wixen, so they can give students the representation they don’t find in traditional history of magic courses.
  • Ravenclaws getting really excited and enthusiastic when an autistic student infodumps on them, because knowledge.
  • Ravenclaws being fascinated by the diverse ways students take in, process, and deliver information, and being deeply and personally offended by the idea that there is any “wrong way” to learn.
  • Hufflepuffs always having a supply of treats and blankets when their depressed classmates feel overwhelmed, making sure they know their offer to form a cuddle pile is always open.
  • Hufflepuffs spending their breaks sewing weights into quilts and robes for autistic wixen.
  • Hufflepuffs understanding that “just and fair” doesn’t mean “treat everyone exactly the same no matter what” but “understand each individual’s needs, abilities and privileges, and make sure they have the resources they need to do their best”.
  • Hufflepuffs who are amazing, patient listeners, and always down for a feelings jam, venting, infodumping, or all of that at once.
  • Hufflepuffs who spend all of their free time learning how to sign so they can be better friends with their D/deaf housemates.
  • Slytherins teaching autistic students to read subtle body language cues and project confidence.
  • Slytherins helping to tailor dress robes of a wheelchair user so they look stunning but don’t get their skirts caught up in their wheels.
  • Slytherins who come from rich families “forgetting” galleons in the rooms of friends who don’t have enough money to pay for the latest magic mobility devices.
  • Slytherins letting the Bloody Baron know to make himself scarce when students who are triggered by the sight of blood are nearby.
  • Slytherins making up nonverbal codes so that students can alert their housemates if they’re about to have a panic attack or breakdown and still look totally aloof and collected.

Hogwarts students of all houses coming together due to shared neurology and ability, forming mixed house cliques and not giving a crap~!

Hogwarts embracing disability as a whole. The moving staircases becoming ramps and staying still when people in wheelchairs and using crutches or canes come. An assistant helping a child with dyslexia read their potions directions. A student helping their friend with limited arm mobility figure out how to modify the levitation charm so they can perform it successfully. Hagrid training students’ cats to be seeing-eye cats for them so that they don’t have to be too obvious but can still navigate around the school. How awesome would that be.

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Getting back into Tumblr because holy crap did I disappear….

Do you believe there should be ace pride? What do you imagine it being like?

I don’t know about ace pride being separate from queer/lgbtqia pride. Maybe? I think we should push for presence at queer pride days, but I know that there’s an inherent struggle to be seen. So perhaps it would be good to have days that are just about us letting people know that yes, we are here, and no, we are not confused. But I don’t really know what it would look like.







If you’d like to get some baked goods but can’t afford them, all you have to do reblog this post! Save Our Rights NOW has an anonymous donor who has generously offered to buy baked goods for 2 people. You can choose from Turtle brownies, M&M cookies or Oatmeal cookies.

Remember, it’s going to the Save Our Rights NOW organization. Here’s what the money will be used for and here’s what SORN is all about

The donor has picked 2 random numbers and whoever reblogs on those numbers will get the goodies! If you would like to signal boost but aren’t interested in the goodies, just reblog with a note saying, “Not interested” or something to let us know to skip you.

The oatmeal cookies are fucking amazing by the way.

Bless you! ((hug)) 

The first order has been claimed! Hmmm….who will be the recipient of the second order?

Would it be bad to just reblog this multiple times in the hopes of getting the free one? Man, I wish I had any money at all.

I will neither encourage or discourage this. However, the second number is fairly close! ;)

(My reblogging doesn’t count, by the way)

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